Education Department

The Education Department is responsible for providing educational services to the West Moberly First Nations membership (on and off reserve) and to community members.  These services are intended to address the educational needs of our pre-school to grade twelve children, post-secondary students, and adults engaged in improving their employability in the workforce.

The overall goal and philosophy of the Education Department is the empowerment of all those served to achieve their educational goals through strategic planning and the effective application of all available resources and educational opportunities.

The implementation of this philosophy is achieved through continuous communication and cooperation between all the parties involved, including the students, parents (or guardians), educational service providers and regulators, a variety of funding service providers (government, industry and non-profit), and West Moberly First Nations Chief and Council.

In addition to meeting all the application, reporting, security and record keeping requirements involved, the education Department is continuously involved in exploring new educational opportunities as they emerge and cultivating new partnerships to help achieve the present and future educational needs of the West Moberly First Nations membership and community.

The Education Department is also dedicated to the preservation and incorporation of traditional West Moberly First Nations cultural values and traditions wherever possible in the delivery of educational services.  This goal is facilitated by enlisting the help and cooperation of the West Moberly First Nations Culture Department as well as elders and other knowledgeable members of the community.

Given the variety and scope of the challenges involved in meeting these educational goals, the staff of the Education Department is necessarily highly qualified, not only with respect to the required educational credentials but also drawing upon an extensive background in business, communications and direct experience working with and serving the educational needs of First Nations communities.